I just wanted to send you a small note to compliment My Little Gan. I was conversing with your husband for a bit tonight and I wasn’t able to fully depict what it is that separates your program from the rest of Hoboken. I’m still not quite able to, but it’s a warm embrace that parents can feel when they walk in the classroom. As I was walking home tonight I realized that it felt like I hadjust left a dinner party at someone’s house. The school that you’ve created feels like a home and that’s a beautiful warmth that I’ve never heard nor seen anyone else be able to replicate. It’s an atmosphere that can’t be purposefully arranged; it’s just a reflection of you, and your sincere involvement and dedication, and the morahs and others that you carefully selected to project that love. I know William adores going to school each day and loves his teachers and classmates, and Ben & I are always amazed at how much he absorbs. We are thrilled with your program and I just wanted you to know.

Have a great evening,



רוצה לספר לכם מההתרשמות שלי ושל הבן שלי מהמקום המקסים הזה.
איתן שלי מצא ממש משפחה חמה ואוהבת בגן הזה. האווירה כך כך חמה ושלווה ויחד עם זאת הוא לומד כל כך הרבה: מתחיל לקשקש מילים בעברית , שר בעברית ויחד עם זאת לומד המון מהתוכנית העשירה.המורה מירי והמנהלת שינדל חמות אוהבות ומקדישות המון לילדים.
הבן שלי היה שנתיים בגן אחר ואין מקום אפילו להשוואה ביתרונות האקדמיים ובאווירה החמה שהוא מקבל פה בהשוואה לגן הקודם.

Liran M.


My daughter has attended two other pre-K programs in Hoboken and outside of Hoboken and I was generally happy with her experience in both of those programs. But my feelings toward My Little Gan are different. I LOVED the school. Our son was in the 2s program there and he was treated with endless love, compassion and kindness. At the same time, even at two years old, he received quite the education! He only attended three days a week, but each week we were surprised by how much he had learned in school. And he had so much fun! He would always talk about his friends and teachers with a massive smile on his face. And each time that we peeked into the classroom we saw something new or different — we were always amazed by the school’s creativity. I also felt very connected to the school even though I was at work. I received outlines of the day’s activities, tons of photos, artwork and delicious treats that he had proudly “baked”. Schaindel, the school’s director, puts a great deal of thought and time into the curriculum, the beautiful facility, the selection of the teachers and every aspect of the school to ensure that every thing that is done in the school is done with a purpose behind it.

Our son is in camp now and the counselors’ comments are constant reminders of the great foundation that he received at My Little Gan. We just moved so my son can't go to the 3s program there, unfortunately. We are truly so sad to be leaving My Little Gan behind, but we are leaving with the fondest of memories. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out this school!!

 Nikki E.


Thank you again for such a wonderful event last week! Listening to the teachers just re-affirmed how happy we are with our choice to have H. as a part of your school. He is truly thriving and loves the school, classmates and teachers.