Half or full day program available.

Two or three day programs also available.

Classes run Monday to Friday.

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During a typical day in the Buttercup Class-room, we are working on social-emotional skills that will impact the rest of the children's lives. Working within a group is a skill that really starts developing in the twos. We cultivate a community of empathy through sharing, expressing how we feel, and developing the language necessary to express our wants and needs.

Two’s are encouraged to look into mirrors and really start connecting facial expressions with emotions. Fostering strong ability to identify and empathize with feelings allows us to move from parallel play to playing with each other and developing close friendships.

We begin using materials like clay and homemade play-dough to develop
pre-writing skills and strengthen the muscles in our hands.

Block play touches on spatial awareness, fractions, balance, stability, and
gravity- to name a few.

We continually conduct science experiments, such as mixing soda and water and observing the reaction, in order to hone our abilities to make predictions and develop theories.

Many books are read each morning, and children start pre-reading by retelling stories, recognizing characters and understanding basic sequencing. Pre-math is everywhere in our environment, from utilizing dominoes, counting how many friends are in school, to graphing as we take votes on various things throughout the week. Young children express themselves primarily through play, which also teaches us what they know and what interests them.

Two’s teachers are carefully observing children, taking notes, and photographing key moments to help co-construct the curriculum with the children. Not only do teachers reflect on conversations, ordinary moments of higher level thinking, and project work, but children are also offered back to the information to reflect on their own learning.