Half or full day program available.

Two or three day programs also available.

Classes run Monday to Friday.

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 In our four-year-old program, students continue to develop a deep love of learning as a community. 

 We have catered our curriculum to teach the whole child, addressing the social, emotional, cognitive and adaptive living skills of each child.

Reading and writing is valued highly in our curricula. Children in the Daffodils class learn letter sounds and then finally begin to blend letters before graduating. These techniques are practiced each day through our school wide literacy program, which includes daily reading exercises, reading groups and our lending library.  We anticipate that most of the children will be able to read two and three letter words before they graduate.

As the children mature, they will focus on understanding and appreciating the needs, and feelings, of others, learn to take responsibility for him/her self in areas such as self-care, and show greater ability to control intense feelings.    They will also develop growing capacity for independence in a range of activities, routines, and tasks.

Self-expression is a large component of our curriculum.

Children are given additional opportunities for self-reflection during journal entries and self-portraits. It is our goal that children develop a strong sense of self and self-esteem throughout the year.