5 full days available

Classes run Monday to Friday.

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In our Marigolds class, students continue to develop a deep love of learning as a community. Each child has many opportunities to make choices through center play throughout the day. For example, a child might interact with dramatic and musical items, or explore and expand their interests through manipulatives designed for art, science, and mathematics.

Teachers observe what children gravitate towards, and they ask more questions to facilitate children's development of their own theories and hypotheses. Students take responsibility for their classroom by having jobs that rotate weekly. We use the environment and materials to empower children to think deeply, take risks, and work together.

Students have a strong sense of ownership in the classroom, which helps build their confidence to tackle challenges that may arise.

A strong emphasis is placed on literacy via various stimulating and hands-on methods, including 'Handwriting without Tears', sanded letters, sensory explorations and morning messages.