Our methodology is shaped by the shared values of Judaism and constructivist approaches to early childhoodprimarily that of the Reggio Emilio approach.

We are focused on celebrating the expression of each child. We believe that as educators, it is our role to observe our students, listen to their questions and their stories, find what interests them, and then provide them with opportunities to explore their interests further. We place a great emphasis on hands-on discovery and the arts.

Jewish customs and morals are woven naturally throughout the day so that they become a relevant and treasured part of our children’s lives.

All of our programs adhere to New Jersey State Preschool Standards and are delivered by highly-qualified educators.

Our classrooms are full of opportunities for learning, socialization, and growth and cover all the domains that complete an early childhood education such as Literacy, pre-Mathematics, and the Sciences.

To demonstrate the child’s learning process, our educators carefully document the child's thoughts and progression using photographs, anecdotal records, and visual displays. Careful documentation helps reveal what is being learned: the evolution of a student's behavior and perspectives.

We welcome you to browse through our curricula and programs.