3-12 months - The Cherry Blossoms

The Morning Glories -12-18 months 

During this stage, babies grow at an astounding pace and we are right there along with them, supporting them through meaningful engagements.

Home schedules and school days flow seamlessly as we plan the infants' nap times and eating times to fit their natural schedule.

We stimulate the children with age appropriate activities and specials, including music, crafts, and sensory exploration. 

To encourage language development, we read many stories, engage and play with the children and sing lots of songs.

Our staff is warm, dedicated and attentive and are kept up to date with child development skills.

We use the Daily Notes app to record and keep parents abreast of their nap, diaper and eating schedules.

You will find the same beautiful aesthetics that My Little Gan is known for in the infant/toddler rooms. The rooms are designed with rich, sensory additions that are catered for infants and toddlers. 

Days: Monday through Friday

Hours: Monday-Thursday: 7:00am to 7:00pm

Friday: 7 am-4 pm. We close right before candle-lighting time on Fridays. For the full Friday hours, please inquire.

Parents can select days and hours based on availability.

Staff ratio: Our maximum teacher-to-child ration is 1:4 and usually exceeds that!