Q. How do I begin the application process

A. Fill out this application form 


Q. How many months does the contract include?

A. The contract lasts for ten months (September through June). Depending on availability, a family may enter after the start of the school year on a prorated scale.

Q. How is tuition paid?

A. Tuition is submitted in four installments. The first payment of $3,000 is due together with the contract signing before the start of the school year.

Q. What happens if I move during the school year?

A. Once you sign the contract, tuition is non-refundable. We are a non-profit school and teachers’ salaries are based on enrollment and tuition.

Q. Do you have a sibling policy?

A. We try to accommodate siblings, but full-time students are given priority.

Q. Are you open during the summer months?

A. Yes, as of summer 2018, we are open in July and August for seven weeks of camp/Kaytana. A separate contract will be filled out for Summer camp. Students can attend camp for two weeks or longer.

Q. How long do the tours last?

A. Open houses last about an hour and a half. Private Tours last about 45 minutes.

Q. Do children attend the tour?

A. The tour is for parents only. We will meet the children once the application process has been completed.

Q. When does my child graduate?

A. Our program currently includes a Kindergarten program for 5 year olds. Our graduates leave our school confident, independent and ready to enter a new school for their upcoming school experience.

Q. What makes your program distinctive?

A. Small class size, beautiful physical spaces, and a progressive attitude to how children learn all make for a unique educational experience. We cull from the best of progressive methodologies and incorporate creative Judaic traditions and stories into our rich and varied programs. And our staff is second to none!

Q. Does the curriculum prepare students for public school?

A. Not only do our children have a good grasp of academic skills, they also learn how to learn. We build an authentic foundation for literacy, math, science, creative, motor and social skills. Our children develop emotionally, acquiring skills for cooperation, responsibility, perseverance, and positive relationships.

Q. Do you go outside everyday?

A. We go outside every day unless temperatures are extreme. In colder weather, we ask that parents send gloves, boots and hats. In warmer weather, sunscreen is applied at home before school, and reapplied as needed during the school day (when parents provide sunscreen as well as written permission for its application).

Q. Do the older children nap?

A. As per state regulation, children ages three and under, who stay after lunch, are offered rest and relaxation time when they attend school for four or more consecutive hours. We provide a cot (or crib) for each child, and a washable blanket and sheet is brought from home. The washables are sent home weekly. For children who don’t fall asleep, they use this time to relax their minds and bodies.

Children will be able to lay with a comfort item and any nap time items (such as pacifiers) sent with them to school. Please do not send pillows. We will turn down the lights and play calming music to help the children rest during this time of the day.

Q. Do you accept children who are not toilet-trained?

A. We do not require that children be toilet-trained before coming to the school.

We do not initiate toilet training, but we work closely with the parents to support these efforts in a consistent, natural, nurturing manner, At school, your toddler sees other children visiting the bathroom, which can create a powerful incentive and example. Teachers are usually very experienced in potty training and can offer you a lot of support.

State regulations do not allow us to keep potties in school; we use stepping stools as needed.


Q. What do you do in case of snow or other emergency school closure.

A. We follow Hoboken Public Schools lead as far as determining school closing or delayed openings. Parents can check the website or wait for our email which is sent out before 7am.

Q. Do you serve lunch?

A.We provide snacks and drinks to all children (aged 18 months and up) throughout the day as well as a healthy lunch for those who stay for a full day. Snack/lunch fee is additional. Snack/lunch is also available (for an additional fee) for children 12 months and up.

Q. How do you accommodate food allergies?

A.We approach this on a class by class basis. If we are alerted of a food allergy, we will take all the precautions necessary for the safety of the child. All staff members are trained to operate an Epi-pen in the case of an emergency.

Q. Do we have to be members of a synagogue for our child to attend the school?

A. The Chabad Jewish Center – the parent organization of My Little Gan is open to everyone and does not charge a membership fee. You do not have to be active at the Center or be a part of any of its affiliates for your child to be accepted at the Gan.

Q. What denomination of Judaism does your school serve?

A. My Little Gan is a Jewish preschool that incorporates traditional Judaism in its curriculum. All children and their families are made to feel comfortable in our open environment, regardless of their religious background and practice.

Do you have another question about our school? 201-683-9000 or email us at [email protected]