How do I arrange to pick up my camper during the camp day?

If you have to pick up your camper during the day, please notify our office. Once we are aware of your arrival time, we can arrange to have your camper ready for you. Please note that no camper will be released to ANYONE without written permission

Does camp ever leave Premises?

While we may go on short walking field trips to local parks, supermarkets, or for a walk around the block, we will never take the children off site in a vehicle. We bring the trips to US, and also visit vendors within the Monroe Center for special activities. 

 When can I visit my camper?

While we used to allow visits, we noticed during the time when this wasn't permitted that all of the children adjust much better and sooner without outside distractions.  Therefore, while we may allow for a quick visit during the initial transition, parents generally will not be allowed entry.  

What if my child does not want to participate in a particular activity?

No camper will be forced to participate in any activity. However, we do urge campers to try all activities and take advantage of the complete program offered at My Little Kaytana. If any child does not want to participate, the parents and counselors will discuss a plan of action.

What if my child does not like a particular day's menu?

Our menu is delicious, and most children (and adults) do enjoy the options. Most children will imitate their peers and even picky eaters have tried new food items in our programs. We will work with you to customize food options for a child who refuses to eat any of the food options on a given day.

How religious is My Little Kaytana?

My Little Kaytana is a totally non-judgmental environment made up of campers from all Jewish backgrounds. An individual’s level of observance is not stressed. All children enjoy a shared Jewish spirit through songs and projects.

How can I speak with my child's counselor?

A call or email to the office will answer most questions. Since counselors are constantly supervising groups and activities, messages will be taken at the camp office. Please leave your name and evening phone number and the counselor will return your call as soon as possible.  You may also send messages via our Brightwheel app and someone will respond as soon as they are able.

How can I speak with the Camp Director?

The director is available to answer your questions and discuss your concerns during the day through the office at (201) 683-9000. Please understand that the director may be out and about during the time of your call making sure that everything is perfect for your children. If the director is unavailable at the time of your call, please leave a message with both your daytime and evening phone numbers and your call will be returned promptly.

How much time do the campers spend outdoors?

Weather permitting, campers will spend plenty of time outdoors. Please apply suntan lotion at home prior to camp. In case of rain or extreme heat, campers will have the opportunity to be indoors.

Do you have other questions not noted here? Please email us at [email protected] and we will be glad to respond.