My Little Gan Sample Lunch Menu

If your child has allergies, or any special dietary needs, please consult with the directive staff.  We will be happy to accommodate your child’s meal time needs. 

(The menu generally remains the same or similar each week) and is catered by a Kosher caterer

There are also soup options daily 

rice and carrots
Steamed green beans

Farfel, quinoa or couscous
Roasted butternut squash

Fish fingers and baked Salmon
Mashed potatoes or baked potatoes
steamed carrots

Baked ziti or pizza
Greek salad

steamed vegetables 

Bagels or Challah rolls (choice of whole wheat or regular) 
Egg salad, Tuna, avocado, hummus, Cream cheese (children's choice)
Fresh vegetables 

Fresh fruit is served daily (typically: apples, pears, bananas, tangerines, melon, bananas, blueberries, pineapples)

Snack choices include pretzels (whole wheat, spelt, oat or regular), crackers (spelt, or snackers)  cheerios, chex, raisins, apple sauce  and at least 2 choices are given each day.

 We provide plenty of drinking water throughout the day