My Little Gan’s

  Sprouting Seeds Curriculum
The Sprouting Seeds Program is offered for children
between the ages of 6 and 18 months of age. This Program is offered Monday – Thursday between 7 a.m. – 7 p.m and Fridays (and eve of Jewish holidays), between 7 am and candle-lighting.

    Our Sprouting Seeds Program was developed with careful consideration to our little learners’ primary care needs as well as their cognitive, social and physical development. 

  Our Daily Schedule includes opportunities for your infant to explore  language experiences and music & movement opportunities.


Our Program allows infants to determine their own feeding, napping and play schedules as there is no such thing as a “typical day” in an infant classroom.  We will guide each child towards a more structured and organized schedule as they begin to mature.


Below is a breakdown of our Sprouting Seed Program’s comprehensive curricula.



     My Little Mathematician


  Our Little Mathematicians will engage in everyday conversations and activities that will allow our them to explore:

          Number and operations and to understand the concepts of   number, quantity, order and to identify ways of  representing numbers

            One to one correspondence and counting.



            Shapes and spatial relationships


            The physical relationship between self and other objects and the relationships between objects.

            Measuring  size &  weight



            Patterns, relationships, and change


            objects, events, colors, lines, textures, and sounds



  My Little Explorer


       Our Little Explorers will engage in everyday conversations  and activities that will allow them to:

          Develop vocabulary to describe what they are seeing and  doing

         Make careful observations

         Engage in simple investigations

        Compare shape or size, and practice skills like matching and sorting



       My Little Atelierista


    Our little Atelieristas will engage in everyday conversations  and activities that will include:

          Various art mediums

          A range of art techniques

          Sensory stimulating experiences



 My Little Gymnast


    Our Little Gymnasts will engage in everyday conversations  and activities that will include:

    Safe indoors and outdoors activities designed specifically for  infants



               Tummy Time




            Body coordination and balance activities




               Music, rhythm and coordination




        My Little Scholar


     Our Little scholars will engage in everyday conversations and activities that will include:



             Read-alouds & the retelling of familiar books and stories




              New vocabulary words   




              songs and finger-plays




              Fine Motor Activities to promote pre-writing skills 



My Little Social Butterfly


    Our Little Social Butterflies is intended to promote our  infants’ social emotional development. Infants will engage in everyday conversations and activities that will include:  



          Personal health and care routines  




          Ways to Identify and regulate our emotions 




          Social and play opportunities  




          Community toys to be shared 


 A rich Jewish curriculum will be interspersed throughout the day. Jewish Holidays exploration, Shabbat experiences as well as Challah baking, and a focus on kindness, Tzedakah and other morals, are some of the special Jewish activities we include.  We also use some basic, Hebrew Vocabulary and start introducing the children to the Hebrew Alphabet through sensory activities and toys.